Kitchen Organizing

I have a book on organizing kitchens. I have organized numerous kitchens in my life. My new kitchen defies every attempt at turning a reasonable number of cabinets into a workable kitchen space. HELP!

Anyone have a good solutions? Anyone know a fab kitchen organizing person in the Chicago area who will come tell me how to fix it? (and how much does that cost? Oh wait, no budget. hmm. Anyone’s mother in the Chicago area good at this stuff?)

Sort of a galley like kitchen with about 5 ft between counters. Refrigerator right next to sink, small l-shaped bit of counter next to sink

Opposite side…but off a bit…1 ft counter, stove….3 ft counter. 2 drawers to the right of stove, one to left, none on other side. Cabinets start at my forehead height on both sides of the room.

Yeah…we are renting and of course, have a tight budget as well…so no grand solutions like tear it out and make it beautiful and functional.


  1. Is the problem not enough storage space or not enough counter space?

    If it’s the former, I recall that you have a big laundry room – could you use that to store some of the kitchen stuff that you don’t use daily? Also, get cabinet dividers. They can double your space.

    If it’s the latter, do you have enough floor space for a basic kitchen cart?

  2. Sorry I have no hints for you, but I can sympathize with you. I have a corridor kitchen and it is just too small. I would give anything for a pantry cupboard. It is so hard to cook in a kitchen that is not very functional.

  3. This sounds like the kitchen my mom had in NYC – she put her pots and pans on a pegboard on the wall, and had shelves for spices. I suggest getting everything that you can onto the walls, a la the Shakers…And she had a message pad/organzer on the side of the fridge. You can get drawer subdividers in IKEA I think, to make the most of drawer space (or somewhere else if you have no IKEA)

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