Bad Blogger

I have been an inconsistent blogger for the past couple of months as I prepare to move. It has been worse this week and will be throughout the week and into next week. After that though…I hope to have my cookbooks unpacked, more interest in food again, and generally be a better blogger.

In the meantime, the house is in turmoil. My internet got fried by a storm on Sunday. My cookbooks and recipe cards are packed. My cooking has been pathetic. So…wander around and enjoy some other great food bloggers. Try some of the ones in my This Blog is Excellent post.

I apologize and hope to be back and better REALLY SOON. Promise.


  1. My readers are telling me today that bloggers ARE allowed to have a life. So tend to yours. I’ll be here when you’re back. I LOVE everything retro and this blog is so much fun.

  2. Awww, you’ll certainly be missed. 🙂 The brightside of not being able to cook is you get to go OUT to eat. And really, eating out is just an excuse to indulge in some kind of sugary gooey goodness. “But I’ve been moving ALL DAY, I DESERVE the great wall of chocolate!!”.

    Good luck with your move, I’m sure it’ll go smashingly!!

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