Moving Monday Mommy Recipes

Bear with me non-family readers as I pass on last minute mommy information this week. My 18 yo daughter Michelle is moving out this week. She has gotten her very first apartment. We are moving out of state as well in just a few weeks. This has caused anxiety all around.

The sweetest and yet saddest anxiety is her anxiety about cooking family favorites. She is a great cook. Invite her to any party where you need guacamole. She makes a fab chicken stir fry. She can make pancakes. Michelle even makes a good veggie lasagna. In any case she isn’t inexperienced in the kitchen. I am not worried she will starve to death through inability to cook.

I don’t know if she needs my meatball recipe. I think she is the one who sneaks them leftover and cold out of the fridge.

Note to Michelle: I have been using the frozen veggie meatballs for years to make these but since it is made with Lipton Onion Soup it isn’t technically vegetarian…since I believe there is some beef broth in it.

You can bake the meatballs in the oven or cook them on the stove top before adding sauce if you do not have or want to use a crock-pot.

I know she asked me at Easter how to make Eggs Benedict. sigh. I hope she is home with us wherever home might be for the Eggs Benedict holidays. Holidays on your own are a bittersweet mixture of “wow, I am grown up” and “I want my mommy(ies)”. They still are that way for me close to two decades after having my own household.

Child of my heart: The measurement for the milk is estimated. You may need to add a bit more milk SLOWLY if it is too thick towards the end of cooking. Watch out for boiling…the hot splats of sauce burn!

Leftover sauce works well for a lot of people on broccoli and on asparagus. You will need to add milk when reheating. Or you can put a dollop on an english muffin topped with Canadian bacon then stick it in the toaster oven or oven the next day.

For some reason…Michelle won’t want the Asparagus Jell-o or the Cheese Nip casserole recipes. 😉


  1. That was so sad. And sweet.

  2. Very touching. I can only imagine what an emotional roller coaster all of you are on. Good luck with it all.

  3. Awwww. The first time I moved away from home for college, it was all of 2 hours away. My parents helped me load my stuff up and stood in the driveway to wish me well, since I was driving all the way alone.

    And man, I cried my eyes out for that whole 2 hours. I did NOT want to leave my mommy.

    That was a little over a decade ago (ouch!).

    About 5 years ago, Mom and I had a roomate relationship, but I had started dating a boy, and I married him.

    I couldn’t bring myself to just move out all in one go. I still have stuff in her little apartment, even though I have this huge 3 bedroom house of my own. She makes fun of me for still having one foot in the door. 😉

    We still do everything together. I talk to her WAY too much. I invite her over for dinners and lunches and breakfast, and wine.

    But all of this has made me miss my Mommy ALL OVER AGAIN!

  4. And DANGGIT, I didn’t mean for that post to be so long!

  5. Long is not a problem Keisha. Thanks Vered and Kalyn.

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