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E for Excellent Blog Award

See I got an award. Lidian from the Kitchen Retro was kind enough to award me an E for Excellent Blog Award. I was and am very excited. But now I have to pick ten blogs…and that is the sticky part of the award. I am working on it really…but all sorts of folk have already gotten it (Like Lidian and Noshtalgia and sigh. all sorts of great blogs)

Ok…I am not going to go into a long description of the why for each blog. You must just go and visit and see for yourself. Each of them speaks to something in me. (of course,half of me is yelling but why not………..? If you are also asking that-be sure to post…because you probably should get one too!)

How about :
Dispensing Happiness

Like Merchant Ships

Rochelle’s Vintage Recipes

Mermaid’s Treasures

BeBop Vegan Kitchen

Classic Cookery

The Happy Housewife

Crunchy Culinary Capers

Bless Us O Lord

Kitchen Talk to Chew On

Oh, yeah. I am supposed to tell you all the rules about this award.

1. You are supposed to go choose 10 blogs of any kind that you deem most excellent (I don’t mind if you pick a few more or less than ten, BTW, but ten is the official number from what I gather).

2. Oh, and you are supposed to post about them, linking to me and to them;

3. And please let me know when you have done it! Thanks!


  1. Thank you… I have posted mine. 🙂

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