Three Random Things

I was tagged for three random things by Being Booga.

  1. I am moving this summer from the deep south to Illinois
  2. One thing I am worried with regards to the move is the fact that many of my favorite cake recipes don’t work with midwestern flour…and no one will understand my need for all-purpose flour from the South. I know this because I lived in WI for four years where cake recipes mysteriously stopped working for those 4 years and the 4 following years on the west coast, only to perk up once I moved back to where I should live-the south. Yes, I know, I can make allowances…measure exactly…fidget…order flour online…use cake flour.
  3. I also am concerned about the dearth of important commodities like pimento cheese and sweet tea…but pleased at the idea of readily available pub cheese and cheese curds.

I think I will tag…

Skeeter…because she is also a relocated Southern Girl and surely she is no longer in a twist about that grilled cheese recipe 😉




And ClickMichelle who has a brand new blog Eating Dinner on Grandma’s Plates


  1. Will I have to add White Lily flour to your care packages of proper stoneground grits?

    My 3 things: I can’t get pretty permalinks to work. 🙁

  2. Well. I am honored and a little alarmed. 🙂

    I will post my three things later today, or tomorrow.

    I bake cakes from Israeli cookbooks. No problems. But maybe Tel Aviv and California have similar climates or something.

  3. I will be posting my random things tomorrow – thank you for including me! I like memes a lot.

    That is a big move…when we lived in Calgary i had to adjust recipes because of the altitude (it took awhile to adjust physically too). So I can imagine that the baking will be a bit of a challenge…

  4. Kiesha says:

    I can’t imagine living anywhere than where I currently do. When there was a good chance Hubs and I were moving to Colorado, I sat down and cried. 😀
    I can’t imagine living somewhere that it ISN’T the norm to carry on a 5 minute conversation with a stranger about the weather or how their day is. At least foreigners are amused by a southern girl, New Yorkers think I’m mentally unhinged. 😉

  5. Kiesha says:

    And I just realized I used the phrase ‘I Can’t Imagine’ twice in the same post. ARG.

  6. I grew up in Illinois, but now have become the next best thing to a native Texas (I’ve given birth to two). I commiserate with the changes in groceries you’ll encounter.

    On the up side, I find the availability of good bread–you know, something with substance and an actual crust, is much better up there.

    Good luck!

  7. Ah – you got me!

    Safeway is th eonly place I’ve found on Oahu that has pimento cheese spread. I have some on hand now and had it on a sandwich for lunch yeterday. Will there be a Safeway near your new home?

    when I moved to NorCal I couldn’t find a coffee I liked so I had it shipped in from New Orleans once a month. You might do that with flour.

    Tea = Drop eight regular-sized Lipton tea bags into a quart of just-boiled water. Cover and let sit until cool. Pour into a one gallon pitcher & stir in however much sugar you want. Fill the rest of the way with water. Store in fridge. Keep several insulated cups handy. Carry your own tea when you eat out. Works for me!

    Yes, Imoved away fromt eh South, but at least I didn’t become a Damn Yankee!


  8. Skeet- you think I don’t know how to make tea? And what kind of southern girl doesn’t make sugar syrup for her tea ?

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