Coca Cola Salad

You knew this was coming sooner or later–the marriage of two of my favorites in one lovely retro Jell-0 dish. Just how many recipes have all that AND GRATED cream cheese?

Coca-Cola Salad

1 pkg raspberry gelatin
1 pkg cherry gelatin
1 large can crushed pineapple
1 can seedless white cherries (good luck finding them…I can’t…use maraschino cherries instead)
1 cup pecans
2 coca colas (partially frozen)
1 8 oz pkg cream cheese (frozen)

Dissolve gelatin in juices (heated) from cherries and pineapple. Add cokes, cherries, pineapple and nuts. Grate frozen cream cheese over the top of mold. Place in refrigerator until firm. Serves 10.


  1. This is spectacularly awful! I wonder if anyone actually made it? I wonder if anyone actually ATE it?

  2. Nah, it is pretty good…beloved by those who enjoy cherry coke and children who are pleased it isn’t tomato aspic. Of course, my family is still reeling from the Ham Salad mold and the Asparagus Jell-o.

  3. Freezing the cream cheese is a new one on me…haven’t seen that before. This sounds good.

  4. I didn’t make the salad Mother’s Day. Just didn’t have the ingredients. I do plan to make it though, just minus the pecans! I LOVE cherry coke.

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