Cheesy Meatloaf

Nothing complicated or mysterious about this meat loaf-yes, use cheddar instead of processed cheese. Ok wait the “Slim Gourmet” part is interesting. Maybe not so very interesting considering the skim milk and trimmed beef…but the processed cheese might make up for that part. Only 198 calories per serving though…so definitely can fit into today’s diet.

Cheesy Meatloaf


  1. This is so reminiscent of my mother’s recipe clippings and the meatloaf she made on Sunday mornings before we left for church.

  2. The only thing more exciting than meatloaf with cheese is shrimp filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon. We had those recently in Cabo San Lucas, and it is not only delicious, but on the non-kosher scale, it’s as good as it gets.

  3. I am fond of a meatloaf roll that has julienned carrots and zucchini with blue cheese myself.

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