Hungarian Goulash

I have something to say-I really don’t like Goulash. Sorry folks, that is just the way it is for me. However, my son picked this recipe card out as something he wanted to have for dinner this weekend. I peered at it, thought surely this must not be like my mother’s Hungarian Goulash. There is nothing WRONG with the recipe…ok we will go with it.

We had this for dinner on Saturday night. I reduced the oil drastically. Just enough so the meat didn’t stick while browning.

The kids loved it. Really loved it. My partner (who has the same Goulash feelings as I do) wouldn’t touch it. I ate it and while it isn’t BAD…I just didn’t like it. The kids however liked it not only for dinner, but ate the leftovers the next day for lunch.

Hungarian Goulash


  1. Disgusting. The smell. The look of it. Yuk. shudder.

  2. I think I hate the word “goulash” more than I dislike the actual dish.

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