Protein Salad Bowl

I thought about a traditional tuna egg salad since it is Egg Salad week but hey, this one seemed much better. No there is no comma between American and Swiss. Retro, easy, light, frugal, and edible!

Protein Salad Bowl

1 lge head lettuce, torn into large pieces
4 hard-cooked eggs, quartered
4 tomatoes, peeled and quartered
4 thick slices American Swiss or Bleu cheese, cut into bite size chunks
6 dill pickles sliced
1/2 c halved walnuts
1 lge red or white onion sliced into rings
2 cans chunked style tuna, drained
Salad dressing to taste

Toss all ingredients; serve chilled. Yield-4-6 servings

Favorite Salads, 1946


  1. Ditch the walnuts and this sounds great! By salad dressing I’m going to guess they were talking the fake mayo?

  2. That sounds pretty good!

  3. I am shutting my eyes to the whole fake mayo thing and tend to think something along the lines of this French Dressing

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