Sorry Everyone

Sorry-I haven’t forgotten you or stopped posting…well I haven’t been posting…but I have had some tech issues that I hope to have entirely resolved soon.

In the meantime-I am torturing my family with things like a honeydew gelatin salad and a Boston Butt Roast with molasses/cayenne/onion glaze.


  1. I love that – Boston Butt. I have a recipe for Ham Butt, so elegant aren’t they? Fun to say when asked what’s for dinner, I’ll bet.

    I’ve been having tech issues myself, hence the move to WordPress, we’ll see how that goes!

  2. Come back soon.

  3. The glaze for that Butt Roast sounds delicious.

  4. Sounds good! Maybe the tech issues are why freezes up my home computer everytime I forget and try to visit? It’s very disappointing when I can’t browse the recipes from home.

  5. You have been missed!!! 🙂

  6. Thanks everyone.

    TJ-have you tried a hard refresh (ctrl F5 on a PC) or clearing your cache? What kind of connection do you use at home? I know the current page has a slow load time but shouldn’t freeze the computer. Let me know-also what browser do you use ? ie? firefox?

    I hope to get a new fast loading template soon.

  7. YAY! *does a little happy dance*

  8. I have IE and it actually just freezes IE. We have a DSL connection. I’ll try the refresh tonight! Thanks!

  9. No problems visiting tonight! Yay! I can spend hours of my weekend on Retro-Food again.

  10. Yay TJ. I am so glad.

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