Chicken with Sherry

It is super chilly this morning…say 66 degrees. Sure, it will be in the 80s but currently it is chilly. I don’t like it. I wanted some temperature between too hot to breathe and chilly. Of course, chill in the air means new foods on the menu. This is easy and yummy and a bit err heavy…but really, you deserve it with the chill. Use thighs or drumsticks to save money and keep in mind the time for baking is based on bone in chicken breasts.

Chicken with Sherry

Salt and paprika chicken breasts and then dredge with flour. Brown both sides of breasts lightly in pan with stick of oleo or some corn oil. Arrange chicken in pan and pour the following mixture over it:

1 can mushroom soup, can of mushroom (pieces), carton of sour cream, and cup of cocktail sherry-plus the drippings from the frying pan mixed with a little water. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 1 to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on size of chicken breasts.


  1. Im sure when it burns off the flavor will just be bursting

  2. Very elegant for a cool evening – I’m pretty sure we had this growing up.

  3. It is Yuger. Probably T.W., my mother and her friends would often do something like this.

  4. This sounds like what my MIL makes. She serves with rice. Oh. My. So good!

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