Coca-Cola Chicken

When I make this, it is always with the real thing-Coca Cola. However, RC works just fine with the southern nature of this dish. If you want to get fancy, throw some peanuts in the sauce. Now, the recipe does describe doing it stove top and I have to admit, I am a stove top/oven type of gal- standing outside in the heat-no appeal; but it does do beautifully on the grill.

Cola Barbecued Chicken

Salt and pepper cut-up chicken. In a skillet warm 3/4 cup catsup and add the chicken. Then add 1 cup cola. Cover and cook 30 minutes, uncover and cook 30 m inutes. It will improve the chicken if it is floured and sauteed 5 minutes on each side first. Recipe from the kitchen of Mrs. T. T. Tunstall.


  1. This one reminds me of my foodie message boards. I saw a couple of different versions of this posted but I’ve never tried it.

  2. Cola with pork and chicken is wonderful. I’ve been trying this for the past month and it really adds layers to recipes. It tastes especially good with a little vinegar and then give it a little seasoning salt too. Sweet, salty and tangy, yum! I’ll have to try it with the catsup.

  3. I have long thought that hoisin sauce reminded me of cola based sauces. Same thing, sweet, salty, tangy.

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