Surprisingly Good Rice Salad

Just a link today…to a recipe that our family has decided to call “Surprisingly Good Salad” It comes from The Veggie Table and is a vegetarian recipe and even a vegan recipe if you leave the optional items off the salad.

Nice right, but what is retro about it? You come here for retro fare right? Well, you merely have to look at it to believe that it must have been a retro salad recipe. It is all diced and arranged on a platter. It looks like something out of a 50s or 60s cookbook. Really, completely retro looking salad. Not only that…it tastes fabulous with Green Goddess dressing. It seems MADE for Green Goddess.

In any case, we call it  surprisingly good, because the recipe doesn’t look like much. The thing that recommended it at first was that it was a colorful salad recipe with minimal lettuce. It turned into a family favorite right away though…once everyone got over the suspicion of the clearly retro presentation. Give it a try.

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