Ice Box Rolls

I am incredibly fond of rolls, good rolls. Unfortunately, these seem harder and harder to find. Fortunately there are solutions…like dragging myself into the kitchen and making some.

These are good ones to make to have on hand…you see…after the first rise…you keep the dough in the fridge and then you can make rolls as needed. Imagine…fresh, hot rolls every day for say…a week. Of course, you can make the whole batch at once and gorge feed your family. Much nicer than store-bought rolls and with ingredients you have on hand.
Mary Jane’s Ice Box Rolls

1 yeast cake (or packet of yeast)
1 cup sugar
1 teasp salt
2 cups luke warm wter
2 eggs
7 cups flour
3/4 cup melted shortening

Crumble yeast in large mixing bowl, add sugar, salt, and lukewarm water. Add well-beaten eggs–add 3 1/2 cups flour and beat the mixture. Add melted butter and and shortening. Beat rest of flour in. Grease top of dough and cover. Let stand in moderately warm place for 2 hours. Punch down dough. Place in refrigerator overnight. When ready to use-remove dough from refrigerator, allow to warm to room temperature. Form into rolls. Place on well greased baking sheet and let rise. Bake at 450 for ~ 15 min.

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