Blogher Cocktail Party

Soon, soon soon, the first of the Blogher cocktail parties. I meant to have a nice retro appetizer or two but the busy-ness of the week interfered. So stick some cocktail franks on a toothpick with an olive, roast them over some sterno. But before you do…tell me your favorite retro appetizers. I know the flaming cabbage posted previously is popular. (really…people come here all the time for it.) What did you always love at parties that no one seems to make anymore?


  1. Well, now, that cabbage just beats all I ever did see.
    How about some water chestnuts wrapped in bacon & broiled?
    Or this

  2. My son LOVED the bacon wrapped shrimp at the party last night, which struck me as retro. He also loved the sushi. There were also some broccoli cheeese samosas and some beef on toast thingies with chutney and like a boursin cheese. Also on toast-a mushroom thing and a squash chunky thing with feta.

  3. My mother used to make a great appetizer in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She called them “hot doggity dogs” and they were those little cocktail hotdogs BUT wrapped in a wonderful dough she made and baked in the oven. The dough had ketchup and mustard IN it. They were so good, I should ask her for the recipes.

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