10 Seconds

Blogme BlogHer 07 imageI am going to Blogher 07 next week. I didn’t think I would be going this year but the fates intervened and back I am going. Now thanks to Kelly, I should introduce myself in 10 seconds.

To do this, I thought I would take after Denise and just ask the children. My son said I was so much more than cool that it was hard to describe me in just a few words. Then he added that I was creative and very patient. Then we discussed whether I should share my Runescape stats.

My youngest said I should mention that I am a good knitter. (I just learned this past spring. She just learned this week.)

My middle child said that I was a good mother, kind, calm, easy to manipulate, that I don’t know anything about Pokemon, a good cook and special in my own way.

My 17 yo would say (I haven’t asked her yet) I ask a lot of questions. Weird ones. She might also mention my dancing in the grocery store, or teaching her to polish silver, or cook, or knit, or sew. If with her grandmother and father, she would give a huge list of virtues that made me sound like June Cleaver and Father knows best COMBINED.

My son and my youngest also thought I should mention that I can do the Aunt Jackie and the Pop, Lock and Drop. I reminded my son he will be with me, but unlike his siblings, he seems to find the idea of my dancing in public amusing.

I might add that I either talk too much or talk too little in public. In fact, I am altogether awkward and socially inept at times. On the other hand, a number of people find me utterly charming. I do ask odd questions. I am not good with names, faces or remembering what blog you belong to, so uh please be patient with me. I do adore your blog. I just might think your kids belong to someone else.



  1. Hope you have a great time! ENJOY!!

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