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I have been tagged to post 8 random facts by ...and the eggs. (go read the blog for sure…how can you pass up a cute 70s kid picture AND a picture of gnomes in the same blog…and some pretty cool looking recipes too)

I have to post these rules before I give you the facts: Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they’re tagged.

  1. I adore Jell-o salads and would love to have a collection of gelatin salad molds.
  2. I am an extraordinarily messy cook. To enter my kitchen while I am cooking means to brave slipping on whatever has splashed on the ground or to get coated in flour or goo. Dogs often end up taking the worst of this, but they believe the reward of cleaning up the floor is worth it.
  3. I love to read cookbooks and I adore older cookbook photography, but most modern food photography makes me queasy…that said…I really think that pictures perk blogs up…even if I am way lazy and don’t do enough of it.
  4. My favorite muffin recipe is the very un-sweet sour cream muffins in the Joy of Cooking. If your muffins could do double duty as cupcakes, I probably won’t eat them. (ok, I will, because if you cooked them, I will be polite) I also prefer muffin bottoms to muffin tops.
  5. I learned math by learning to cook. My mother taught me to cook as a way to get me through 2nd grade math. Counting, adding, etc. Later it was fractions and multiplying and adding them. I am not so hot with most math unless it involves fractions or some sort of food related “word problem.” However, I am a really good cook. My younger sister did great in math…so she never learned to cook. (though rumor is that she has gotten better-but better than her teen and twenties inability to create anything edible, even destroying frozen dinner type meals and other convenience items-really not that hard)
  6. My mother had a mandoline slicer similar to this one. It was never called the mandoline of course, it was “the orange thing”. Yes, it was a 70s kitchen purchase-orange plastic, single slanted blade, bought at the Safeway. I have purchased several in the years since I left home but none I have bought has pleased me completely. I really would love to own a Feemster slicer. Not quite my dream slicer but does 90% of what I want in a slicer.
  7. I got my Kitchenaid mixer second hand when my mother sold her home. I understand the allure of it…the power and so on and am likely to replace it with another…but I secretly prefer the Oster Kitchen Center that I grew up with and used until the mixer. It was lighter weight (nice because we have no counter space and store the mixer on top of the fridge) and it was easier to add ingredients to the bowl. I also since I don’t have the instructions, don’t quite get the different attachments.
  8. I remember trips by the food more than anything else. If you ask me about a place I have been, I am more likely to tell you about where I ate, the discussion around where to go to eat, etc. This is true even if there is a more prominent reason we went or visited. Ask me about Magic Kingdom for instance…after I tell you ride Dumbo first, I will talk to you about Alien Legs for a meal (best bargain in WDW-get them there-not from a cart in one of the other parks), the Crystal Palace and the Frontierland Restaurant as well as the one in Fantasyland.

So…I will tag….

1. Skeet
2. The Trini Gourmet
3. This Mama Cooks
4. Sassymonkey (who hasn’t blogged food recently but of course she could just blog random facts about her move.)
5. Left Handed Saute Pan (who makes me wish I still had a reason to visit Jersey)
6. Coffee Hobby
7. The Leftover Queen
8. YOU…yes you…the lurker there…post and tell me you have done your random 8 and invite us to come see!


  1. I thought I just left a comment but I don’t think it worked- anyway!

    Muffin tops??? Eww! πŸ™‚
    I also remember what I ate when traveling (and also while at home). I remember what I had at certain restaurants before I remember any other details of my trips, even before remembering who I was with!
    Thank you for playing!!

  2. I need a mandoline. I have an electric deli slicer with several ifferent blades, but it takes up a lot of counter space so it mostly stays stored. I should get a mandoline.

    You and I could never share a kitchen – or at least not my kitchen. I wipe & wash dishes & clean as I go when I’m cooking. And especially when I’m baking & using lots of mixing bowls & beaters & spatulas such.

    I did my thingie this morning & forgot to let you know. :0)

  3. Thanks for inviting me Jennifer and thanks for playing Skeet!

  4. Enjoyed the peek into your life!

  5. PS Please don’t think I am a stalker πŸ™‚

  6. I totally don’t think you are a stalker Liz. Not at all! Geez! I am totally going to have to come up there and meet you in person at the Waffle House or Friends or SOMEWHERE. (hmm that kinda makes me sound like the stalker.)

  7. That would be COOL!!!! Unfortunately, Friends is no longer in existence. They decided to go catering only. However, this town has plenty of other places to eat. That’s about all there is to do here!

  8. That is depressing. Really depressing. Catering only. Bah.

  9. That is depressing about Friends. sigh. Hmm…so where is good to eat there these days?

  10. Mine is up. I am glad that you tagged me. πŸ™‚

  11. Sullivan’s Metro Grill is about it. Doni’s Under the Trees closed also.

  12. Under the trees closed too? What the heck is going on up there? Crazy for chain restaurants, sheesh.

  13. Very crazy for a cheap all you can stuff in your mouth type place. Mama Penn’s is still around, so I can get my veggies.

  14. All of you should go peek at thebluestbutterfly’s and Skeet’s 8. Nice job ladies.

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