Mama Mediterranean Salad

I throw this out here just because it is a recipe that is the Fourth of July for me. Why? Because my mother would make it for our Independence Day picnic. I think she started after getting a bit of what the grocery store deli was calling Mediterranean Salad which she liked but it was too expensive to feed our large family for a picnic. So, she ate it and came up with her own, much better version. All ingredients are estimated. It is extremely forgiving, so if you have a bit more cucumber or fewer whatever…then go with it.

2 cucumbers, chopped about the size of the olives
1 tomato, also chopped
1 onion, sliced thin
1/2 -1 cup olives-mixed olives work best-or a can of black olives and 1/2 cup green
Italian or Greek vinaigrette dressing (the Greek is good)
1 pkg feta cheese, crumbled

Mix all ingredients together except feta. Let chill 1 hour to overnight (really the longer is better but sometimes you need a salad right away) Add feta just before serving…though if you are taking it with you, it really will work to mix in before you leave home, especially if your crumbles are more like chunks or dices.


  1. So, we need to go to the grocery store for dressing, feta and cucumbers?

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