Easy Chinese Green Pepper Steak

We have a bumper crop of bell peppers right now. The grocery store had them on sale! The one thing that always seems expensive at our store-on sale! Then, the farmer’s market had them cheap! Really cheap. We couldn’t turn them down. It was a miracle. (and a good reason to always check out both your sale flyers AND your local farmer’s market)

This is a recipe that I grew up with that used green peppers. In fact, I thought this was the way everyone ATE green peppers. I think that I discovered uncooked green peppers as a fabulous food item by chopping them and snagging one for this recipe when I was a child.

Enjoy this no doubt, no-so-Chinese retro recipe for

Easy Chinese Green Pepper Steak

1 round steak
1½ T oil for fat
2 T. Soy sauce
2 T. Cornstarch
1 or 2 green peppers
1 can onion soup
Trim fat and cut across the grain in slivers.

Brown steak in fat; add can of onion soup and ½ can of water; 2 T. soy sauce/ Simmer 45 minutes to 1 hour in skillet with top on. Thicken gravy with 2 T. cornstarch. Five minutes before serving add sliced green peppers. Serve over rice.

Green Pepper Steak

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