Frozen Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Reciperecipe card

No scanner in my life wants to cooperate with me right now! I had plans! My great-grandmother’s recipe cards + scanner=fabulous things for retro food. Instead, you get a grainy picture and a recipe…full of creamy goodness (and you can serve it with mayo! What more could you want in life?). Not sure why it is frozen fruit salad…but really it is just your basic cream cheese fluff.

Frozen Fruit Salad-Mrs. James Sibile

1 8 oz pkg. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 #303 can Fruits for Salad*
1 Buffet size can Fruits for Salad*
1 pint table cream

Soften cream cheese in mixer. Add cream gradually. Drain & cut up fruits. Add to other ingredients until all is well blended. May be served on lettuce with mayonnaise.

*Fruit cocktail may be substituted here.


  1. mayo mayo mayo ugh

  2. Mayo! Mayo! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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