Speaking of Cookbooks

There is a cookbook giveaway going on over at Flamingo House Happenings. Yes, that is right! Give away! Free cookbooks! And, when I said down below that new cookbooks didn’t turn me on…obviously I am not talking about Elaine Magee’s cookbooks. Her cookbooks are like retro cookbooks…except healthier!

Go enter! Win…and if you don’t win…go buy Elaine’s cookbook.

I used to have some nice widget that had it on there in one shot at earning back my hosting costs but I don’t have it up there anymore. (Speaking of widgets, I am in love with the new one on the right…still not making any money but adding to my fertile daydreams of cool retro cookbook owndership.)

Ah well, you can click the link over on Flamingo House or just go buy them here, directly from Elaine Magee, if you don’t win.

You should buy a few copies anyway. They make great gifts to EVERYONE. (got graduations? weddings? Mother’s Day? gifts to buy?) (Totally unpaid endorsement of Elaine Magee and her great cookbooks.)

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