5 Questions For Liz

Ok Liz, here are your five questions. (though I almost thought I should ask the other regulars to help out with this. )

  1. What blogs do you read on a regular basis?
  2. Do you just enjoy recipes or do you cook too?
  3. Where do you like to go eat in your hometown?
  4. Tell us about your family
  5. Share a food memory.


  1. OOOOOOO, I am so excited! Thank you for including me!!
    1. Retro Food, As Time Goes By, Denise’s blogs, Cute Overload, icanhasacheezburger.
    2. Enjoy the recipes & love to cook, too.
    3. MaMa Penn’s meat & 3, very retro, probably not so healthy
    4. 1 daughter, 2 sisters
    5. Here’s a retro: Milk Toast. My mom made it for me when I was sick. It had to be poured from a special green pitcher.

  2. Mama Penn’s meat & 3, now that’s an Anderson tradition! heh.

  3. Really? Those are the only blogs? How did you find this one? (Did you find Denise first? What is that cheezburger one?
    How old is the daughter?
    I don’t think I have EVER had milk toast though I so often have pondered it when I read about it.

  4. Milk toast is so bland but so comforting.
    I found your blog first & was hooked from the start. I think I googled retro food & found you. The cheezburger one is cats with funny captions, maybe not really a blog.. My daughter turned me on to that one. We are cat people. My baby girl is 32 & lives in Chicago.
    I look at a lot of blogs daily but yours are the only ones that I really read every day.Do you guys know how much pleasure I get from them?
    What was the inspiration for Retro Food?
    Denise, Mama Penn’s has MOVED to a brand new building!

  5. I saw that! I tracked down their website and was thinking what the heck? how did that happen?


  6. We have spare cats! We could bring them to you. I will have to find this cheezburger one.

    I am so glad you enjoy them. It made me grin when I saw the comment last night and it is making me all gooey now. I feel like having a Sally Field you like me moment or something.

  7. Cool! Thanks Liz.

  8. Dear Sally,
    Yes I really like you & no more kitties please!

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