5 Questions

Skeeter is sharing this lovely meme that requires me to answer her interview questions. Now I do have to fess up and say I volunteered but that was back when I figured I would be my usual self by now. If you are up to me interviewing you…let me know in the comments…

1. You are magnificence in human form. How did you attain such perfection?

Everyone is magnificence in human form. I just happen to recognize it.  Really, go look at 5 random people, think about people you know…isn’t there something magnificent about them?

2. Rumor has it that you are an aficionado of fine porcelain and spend much of your time just sitting and admiring it. How did you develop such an unusual hobby?


3. What did you do today that required you to step outside your comfort zone?

Take prednisone.

4. You call yourself a food blogger, yet you can’t make a decent grilled cheese and bacon sandwich and recently posted a recipe calling for pickle relish to be added to creamed beet soup. What is wrong with you?

I certainly can make a fine grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. I just get to share the quirks of other cooks who may not have the fine upbringing to know that grilled cheese and bacon doesn’t come out of the oven. That beet thing…again…not my recipe. It is my thought though that one should try these things. There is always a chance that we could be wrong. That beet soup could be magnificent itself.

5. How do you justify your existence in the universe?

Well, there is always a need for retro recipes and geeky women. Besides, my family needs me.  Especially my love.


  1. Well errr, no, you can’t make a good grilled cheese sandwich. Ask your son who prefers MY grilled cheese.

  2. ME! ME!

  3. Erm, I don’t think I’ll be the lab rat for the beets & relish thing, lol. Just knowing the relish was in there would make it mighty hard to get the first bite into my mouth, lol!

    Nice job, ma’am! Hope you had some fun with it!

  4. I nominate Liz!

  5. But does Liz have a blog so I can scope her out and interview her? I have yet to find such a thing, though I know she must have a hidden life.

  6. No, I don’t have a blog; I just lurk on everyone else’s. And enjoy them very much!!

  7. Is there a blog option at spicypage? Liz, you’re on spicypage, right? If so, you could post your interview answers there I think…. or ummm get a proper blog! Or just post the answers here in the comments of Retro-Food.

  8. Hmmm well while we wait for Liz to get herself a blog, we can do questions and answer here. Though…I would be really excited if Liz got a blog.
    (and no Denise, I don’t think there is a blog option at Spicypage)

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