Happy Eggs Benedict Day

The NYT had this article on Eggs Benedict and the many creation myths involved in it. I myself can tell you a few creation stories about eggs Benedict. But, I am a little under the weather so for now, I will just wish you a Happy Eggs Benedict day!

Do you have a favorite Eggs Benedict recipe? We have had this one (my favorite) and this one here.


  1. My favorite eggs benedict recipe is scrambled eggs w/toast while the rest of you crazy people eat some eggs benedict

  2. I once at eggs benedict for breakfast at a New York hotel. It was probably the poshest moment of my life. I haven’t made it at home yet as it just wouldn’t be as romantic! Anyway, I like your blog, I’m just getting into vintage American books and have the Meta Givens books from the 1950s. I blog about vintage English cook books etc!

  3. Welcome Natalie! Great blog you have there. I am giggling about the idea of Eggs Benedict being romantic. Other than the romance of my mother serving it to my father for their first Christmas, days after their marriage, it has never seemed like a romantic meal to me at all.
    Where is Warwickshire in England? We were just over there to London in February and my little kids are in Oxford until July.

  4. I had eggs benedict for the first time in New Orleans when I was about 14 & I thought I was something else. Still love them today, many, many years later.

  5. Hi Retrofood!

    I live about 50 miles north of Oxford. Not too far from Warwick and Stratford. Did you have a good time in London?

  6. We had fun, but so expensive! The museums…amazing!

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