Picky Eaters

If you have been around here a while, you probably know picky eaters reside in my household. I never thought this would be the case. No special accommodations are made for the grown ups or child who won’t eat x. Don’t eat it. I won’t even coax you to take a tiny bite. There are other foods on your plate.  The gravy hater may sulk, but no one in our house dies of starvation.

But, there is no recipe for today and I would love to hear if you were a picky eater as a child (after all this is a retro blog, so we want to hear about memories and such) and who in YOUR family won’t eat certain things. Grandma wouldn’t touch potatoes? Uncle Alfred pathologically afraid of pickles?

As for me: not eating things was not really a choice. I didn’t like canned peas, any sort of lima bean, and went in and out of liking other foods. So, I would eat the bare minimum when they were served.

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