Banana And Popcorn Salad

Do you think it really would be that bad? Banana and Popcorn Salad

I am thinking not. I am not sure about the mayo portion but hey, Waldorf Salad is good. Bananas and popcorn together don’t make me shudder, so I might just have to give it a try.


  1. I find this one more disgusting than almost any other recipe! blah!

  2. I voted for you for best food blog, even if you do endorse putting popcorn and bananas together!

  3. Is that a greater or worse sin than the not grilled bacon and cheese sandwich?

  4. Banana salmon is far worse!

  5. Sockmouth says:

    Yuck. It makes ME shudder…

  6. hahahahaha, my mother knows yuk when she sees it!

  7. Now, now, I am not sure of the breadth of your food shuddering…you might be like your daughter and shudder at all nature of nice, wonderful foods.

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