This and That

Regulars may notice that we are going to be wrapping up our year of Modern Family cookbook menus this month. It has been an interesting journey. Now, I will have to consider what’s next? Do you have a suggestions? Should I go back to a retro food of the week? Do you prefer the menu format? Aside from more pictures, any other suggestions?

I was thinking of adding a bit of a food ramble each week, more than commentary on recipes, a bit of a look into my food history as it were. Any thoughts?
Is anyone interested in my tortured efforts to make a recipe work for me, even if it isn’t retro?


  1. I am only familiar with the menu format which I have very much enjoyed. Would love to read your food ramble, especially your food history as I have a pretty weird one myself. I could probably dig out some of my Granny’s creations.
    Love this blog & remembering the foods of my childhood.

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