Split Pea Soup

I like split pea soup: to describe fog; and well, I like it every 5 years or so on a cold wintry day. With springtime peeking its head around…not so much. But you, you might like it any day, so vary your recipe a bit. The bay leaf, tomato and celery seed give it a nice flavor though so give them a try.

½ ham bone
1 quart water
1 bay leaf
â…› teaspoon celery seed
Pinch of thyme, if desired (Rosemary is also nice)
1 cup green split peas soaked 2 hours in 1 cup water
1 medium tomato or  ½ cup canned tomatoes
1â…” cups evaporated milk

Use bone from which practically all meat has been removed. Crack bone and put into soup kettle; add water, seasonings, soaked peas and tomato. Cover and simmer about 2 hours. Remove bone and put soup through a sieve or food mill into another saucepan. Stir in evaporated milk and re-heat. Serve steaming hot. 5 generous servings. The Modern Family Cookbook


  1. I dunno about that ham bone. I know it’s traditional, but bones make me a little queasy. Tomatoes sound good tho.

  2. I like mine with a little carrot in it instead of tomatoes, but this does sound nice. Haven’t made it in years & it’s going to be a long, rainy weekend. Mahalo for the inspiration! This could get me past the rainy day blahs!

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