Molded Peach Salad

Ooooo the retro Jello is back. No vegetables, except the pretty lettuce to serve it on. Of course, the side dollop of Mayo is included.
No. 2 can can peach halves
1 package lemon-flavored gelatin
Crisp lettuce or endive

Drain peaches and measure peach juice, adding enough water to make 1¾ cups of liquid. Heat liquid to boiling, add gelatin, stirring until dissolved. Pour a layer of gelatin about ¼-inch thick into a 9 s5-inch pan. When congealed, place drained peach halves, rounded-side-down on firm gelatin. Pour in another thin layer of gelatin, being careful that peaches do not slip around, when this layer is set, pour in the remaining gelatin and allow to set. To serve, cut the salad into sections, allowing one peach half to each serving. Serve on crisp lettuce with mayonnaise. 5 or 6 servings.

Variation: A few chopped toasted almonds make a tasty and attractive garnish. The Modern Family Cookbook


  1. Gotta love the mayo! It gives the salad that little something extra!

  2. Of course!

  3. Liz, you are seriously scaring me. Seriously. Mayo does not belong with fruit. NO NO NO. Sheesh

  4. Awww c’mon, Denise! It’s a southern thing!

  5. Liz! I grew up in Charleston. I lived in Anderson! I know southern and I am thankful that my yankee mother never adopted the mayo and fruit thing. She adopted a lot of other southern weirdness, but not that one. Thank you mom! YUK mayo and fruit, YUK!

  6. Denise! Wow what a small world!! There are MANY southern food traditions that I have not been able to

  7. Ya know… my mom still lives part time in Anderson….

  8. One thing for sure, you can always find a place to eat in Anderson. They should call it the Restaurant City instead of the Electric City. If only we had a Starbuck’s ….sigh!

  9. Hard to find vegetarian, sometimes, in Anderson though…. You can drive to Clemson and have Starbucks at the Bilo – we did that a lot in 2001-2002!

    And umm, Jittery Joes is better than Starbucks anyway!

  10. Electric City Coffee, a new place, is even better than Jittery Joe & it’s right down the street from me. What could be better?

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