So, vintage dresses were in for the Oscars. Did anyone have some good retro party food at an Oscar party? What did you have? Did you watch the Oscars?


  1. Thanks to your website, we had Flaming Cabbage at my Oscar party. Some of the old stand-bys too — crustless finger sandwiches on Wonder Bread with olives on the picks, cocktail onions, deviled eggs, a Spam dish, and egg creams.

  2. No way! Do you have pictures? Wow. How did it go over?

  3. A couple of years ago, I found recipes for Chasen’s famous chicken pot pie and the Brown Derby’s Cobb Salad and I served those.

    This year, I couldn’t be bothered. Just a simple roast chicken, potatoes & green beans. Not retro – just classic.

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