Grapefruit Fluff

Another meringue type retro food gelatin marvel, featuring canned grapefruit no less! And if that wasn’t enough, there is a custardy sauce to go on top!

Grapefruit Fluff

1 tablespoon gelatin
¼ cup cold water
1 No. 2 can can grapefruit sections
2 eggs, separated
¼ cup sugar
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch
Pinch salt
1 tablespoon butter

Soften gelatin in the cold water; then dissolve in a little juice drained from the grapefruit which has been heated. Add to rest of juice and the grapefruit which may be diced or left whole as desired. Chill unitl liquid starts to congeal. Beat egg whites until stiff; then gradually beat in the ¼ cup sugar. Whip this meringue into the gelatin mixture. Chill until firm. Beat egg yolks, add milk, and stir in the 2 tablespoons of sugar combined with the cornstarch. Cook over boiling water, stirring constantly, until sauce thickens. Stir in salt and butter and cool. Serve over the grapefruit fluff. 5 or 6 servings.
The Modern Family Cookbook


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