Just a little bit of instructions on cooking up a mess of greens…whether collard, mustard or whathaveyou. Now, this is a vegetarian recipe. Otherwise you will want to throw some ham hocks or bacon or whatever nice pork pieces/bones you want in there.
Wash the greens really well. Each single leaf. Really. They are sandy. (unless of course you are starting with prewashed greens in a bag…and even then, I would still wash them) Then soak for 10 minutes in ice cold water. While you are doing that…boil up enough water to just cover them. I do this in the microwave…because I cook my greens in the crock pot.

Dump the hot water in the crockpot with a couple tablespoons sugar.  Tear or chop your greens up to bite size. Throw them in the water. Leave the crockpot on high for about an hour then turn down to low. After greens get tender enough for you add salt to taste. DO NOT ADD SALT UNTIL GREENS GET TENDER. Don’t do it. Let the greens cook on low until you are ready for dinner. You could have your greens as soon as you salt them or you can let them perk along for hours and hours. They will be fine.

Serve with some hot sauce.


  1. I love greens & cornbread! Add some hot sauce & ice tea & you got some soul satisfying food.

  2. Well, we had them with cornbread and hot sauce last night. I think I had a coke though. Iced tea later.

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