Eggs Baked in Bacon Rings-Shirred Eggs

Baked eggs always grab me. I don’t know why there isn’t MORE baking of eggs. I have never been able to resist a baked egg recipe.

Eggs Baked in Bacon Rings (Shirred Eggs)

5 slices enriched bread
8 slices bacon
5 eggs
Salt and Pepper

Cut out rounds of bread to fit snugly in bottoms of muffin cups. Pan-broil bacon until half done and remove to a plate. Pour off all bacon fat except 1 teaspoon. Brown the bread rounds on both sides in the fat, then place in bottom of muffin cups. Line sides of cups neatly with 1½ strips of the partially cooked bacon. Break an egg into each cup, then season with salt and pepper. Drop ¼ teaspoon bacon fat over each egg. Bake in a moderately slow oven (325° F.) 20 minutes, covered or uncovered, as desired. Remove carefully with spatula onto hot plate. 5 servings. The Modern Family Cookbook


  1. Very retro & very good.

  2. that sounds sort of greasily awesome, for a day when people crave bacon. you could probably use red pepper strips or something instead of the bacon, too. red pepper strips and then a sprinkle of cheese on top of the eggs sounds really good, actually. hmm.

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