Toasted Cheese-Ham Sandwiches

Grilled cheese is something of a family favorite around this house. I am partial to just a grilled cheese with tomato. Other folks prefer the ham and cheese and others prefer the desecration of adding mustard to grilled cheese.

In any case, this is a broiled cheese sandwich with ham.

Toasted Cheese Ham Sandwiches

½ lb. American cheese, grated or sliced

10 slices buttered bread

5 thin slices boiled ham

Place grated or sliced cheese on 5 slices of the buttered bread; cover each with a ham slice and top with another slice of bread. If desired, spread ham with a little mustard before covering. Toast on both sides in broiler; or if desired, sandwiches may be put together buttered-sides-out and pan broiled. 5 sandwiches. The Modern Family Cookbook

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