Tapioca Trio

I am a tapioca fan. I can’t help it. It always seems so comforting…except of course in bubble tea where invariably I seem to choke. In any case, a trio of tapioca recipes this morning…a main recipe and a couple of varioations…though the original has some variations suggested within it. The first two sound great to me…the last with grape juice instead of the milk…scarey. That seems to me like a recipe for some Halloween Party.

Tapioca Cream

1 egg, separated
2 cups milk
¼ cup quick tapioca
6 tablespoons sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla

Beat egg yolk and combine with milk, tapioca, sugar and salt in top of double boiler. Place over boiling water and cook for 10 to 12 minues after the water begins to boil again, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and cool about 10 minutes; mixture thickens as it coools. Ad vanilla beat egg white until stiff and fold into the tapioca mixture. Chill. Serve plain or with cream. Strawberry or raspberry jam or preserves, or orange marmalade is a pleasing garnish. 5 servings.

Butterscotch Tapioca

To make Butterscotch tapioca, substitute dark brown sugar for the granulated sugar in Tapioca Cream recipe.

Fruit Juice Tapioca

In recipe for Tapioca Cream, substitute fruit juice (pineapple, grape, or juice from canned fruit) for all or part of the milk. Omit the vanilla. Diced or crushed fruit may be added if desired. When concentrated fruit juice such as a grape juice is used, it may be diluted with water. (about 1 cup water to 2 cups juice) The Modern Family Cookbook


  1. Lot of effort but sounds so good!

  2. the butterscotch variation sounds sooooo good.

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