Canned Peach Salad

Come on, you know, nothing touches your retro loving, recipe self like a vintage recipe for canned peaches with mayonnaise! Yes, retro Jell-o molds get all the press, but these salads…they are just amazing. Break out of bagged salads-try this!
No. 2 can peach halves
¼ cup chopped nuts
½ cup sliced Pascal celery
½ cup chopped dates
â…“ cup mayonnaise
Crisp lettuce

Chill peaches in can. When preparing salad, drain peaches. (Juice may be used in a fruit juice beverage or as part of the liquid in a fruit gelatin dessert.) Mix chopped nuts, celry and dates with mayonnaise. Place a spoonful of this mixture in center of each peach half. Serve on crisp lettuce. 5 servings. The Modern Family Cookbook


  1. I grew up on canned peach, pear and pineapple salads with a blob of mayo to top them off. Truth be told, I still love them!

  2. See, just why everyone should try them!

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