Stuffed Prune Salad

This is one of the more interesting retro recipes this month. Meta has started the year off with a bang (at least in the bathroom) with a lovely stuffed prune salad. By the way, with the new(ish) prunes sold in a stay fresh pouch, I think you can skip the soaking step. Remember: the French Dressing is not like store-bought.
15 dried prunes
â…“ lb. cottage cheese
Crisp lettuce or endive
French Dressing

Wash prunes thoroughly, add water to cover and soak several hours. Simmer gently 10 to 15 minutes or until barely tender. Remove prunes from liquid, saving prune juice to drink; remove pits carefully and stuff cavities full with cottage cheese. Cover and chill. Arrange 3 prunes in a lettuce cup or beside a lettuce wedge on each plate. Serve with French Dressing. 5 servings.

Variation: Serve stuffed prunes on pineapple slices on lettuce.

The Modern Family Cookbook


  1. OMG no. horrible idea. Stuffed prune salad. NO WAY. UH UH. Not on your life. sheesh.

  2. Hmmmmm, don’t think I could go for this one.

  3. I think the stuffing the prunes would be too much. I am a bit curious about the combo of the dressing and the prunes though.

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