Sweet Potato Salad

This sounds good for any time of year. It does seem to be a good dish for a retro holiday buffet or winter festive meal in the south.

Keep in mind the French Dressing, is not the French Dressing of the bottles found in the store but more a vinaigrette. Don’t miss the note about the slightly different procedure if you want to use mayonnaise.

3 cups diced cooked sweet potatoes
1½ cups diced celery
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoon French dressing or Mayonnaise *

Combine sweet potoatoes, celery and salt. Add dressing and toss together lightly until all potato is coated. Either kind of dressing is good. If mayonnaise is used*, marinate the potatoes half an hour in French dressing in a covered bowl in refrigerator, then drain and add mayonnaise. Serve in lettuce cups. 5 servings.

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