Retro Cocktails and Appetizers

I am all for a nice Saturday cocktail. Particularly when it is retro and non-alcoholic as these are (yes, I have a secret fondness for a single glass of tomato juice from time to time, particularly fresh tomato juice). However, I am most interested in the vintage Kix cereal recipe down at the bottom; buttered or cheese Kix. I may have to make some.


Also includes recipes for tomato juice, tomato bouillon, tomato-sauerkraut juice, tomato-clam juice (Clamato!), Bouillon or Consommé, Jellied Bouillon (for those hot days!), vegetable cocktail,cranberry cocktail (festive!), spiced cider, minted citrus juice (sounds refreshing!), as well as simple accompaniments like potato chips topped with grated Parmesan cheese, then toasted and buttered crackers with celery seed or paprika. From Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook


  1. Ok that Kix thing – first problem, I don’t like cereal treats. second problem, I don’t like Kix. third problem, they were sort of greasy – like popcorn at the movie theater. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.

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