Summer Salad Event

If you don’t regularly read My Life as a Reluctant Housewife (and why not, you really should), then you haven’t seen the fabulous summer salad event she hosted. Go take a look. (and be sure to thank her for all her work. It is huge!)
Summer Salad Recipes Round Up #1

Summer Salad Recipes Round Up #2

Summer Salad Recipes Round Up #3

I really need to sort out finding a camera that I can take good pictures with where it doesn’t make the food look like it is running past the camera as I took the picture. Seeing everyone’s beautiful pictures makes me realize how visual food is when you talk about it.


  1. Re: cameras
    I have a Canon A510, and love it! Not too expensive, and user friendly!

  2. Does it have a viewfinder thing to look through? Is it good with shakey hands?

  3. I use a Sony – DSC-s75. They also make a DSC-s85 that has more pixels but I am not upset by nothaving those. Anyhooo – It is a great point and shoot. big. but great. they no longer make it which is a great mystery to me and my mother who has the s85 version. anyhoo — You can find them on ebay. the s75 you can get for a great price too.

    oh and yes, it has a viewfinder and great with shakey hands.

  4. ah ha. Thanks Gabriella. That sounds like the one for me!

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