Canapes-Midget Open-Faced Sandwiches

More appetizers…this time….”Canapes…designed to be eaten gracefully from the fingers…”

“It is important that the canape tray look “as pretty as a picture”…irresistible to the eye as well as the taste.”


Includes retro favorite recipes for Peanut Butter-and-Bacon, Chutney-and-Bacon, the appealing Minced Clam-Cheese, caviar, Tomato-and-Shrimp, Deviled Ham, Anchovy or Sardine, Smoked Turkey or Goose Liver Paste, Smoked Oyster, Cucumber-and-Anchovy, Savory Mushroom Canapes as well as how to prepare toast for canapes. From Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook

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