Buttered or Creamed Peas

From The Modern Family Cookbook

Shell 2½ lbs. peas. There should be 2½ cups shelled. Wash in cold water, drain and cook immediately. Add boiling water to come ½-inch over peas, then add salt in proportion of 1 teaspoon to 1-qt water. Boil gently uncovered until peas are tender, from 20-300 minutes depending on age and size of peas. Add more boiling water if needed. When peas are done, liquid should barely cover them so that draining will not be necessary. Add 2 tablespoons butter, or drain peas and add a medium white sauce. Reheat and serve immediately. 5 servings.

Note: Equal quantities of drained, fresh boiled peas and carrots or celery may be combined and buttered.

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