Brim Coffee

BrimDoes anyone know when Brim coffee vanished? Does anyone know that it has vanished for certain? How many of you complete “fill it to the rim” with Brim? Have you ever had a cup of Brim? I am afraid I haven’t, but I will admit that some of my earliest coffee experimenting was with the Sunrise coffee also pictured on this page from Rita’s Retros. My mother had a jar of sunrise that I think my grandparents had left, though I am not sure of that. I do remember digging into the hardened mass with a spoon and deciding coffee was overrated. (keep in mind I was probably 6) I am glad I got past that.
Accompanying this post is the inspirational mug of Late Night Log-in from Boca Java. I am enjoying it quite a bit. Smooth I think describes it to perfection. Smooth, of course being a code word for: nice for folks who think they like coffee but really like something drinkable. It truly suits me: the coffee drinker who finds the fussiness of the coffee pros a bit off-putting and likes coffee in the morning or with dessert but reaches for Coca-cola the rest of the day. For this, I might be able to put away my coke.


  1. I’ve tried Brim but not Sunrise – it wasn’t good but then again I tried it when I was like 12 or 13 and not yet a coffee addict. I tried it black because that’s how my mom drank coffee. I have tried Highpoint, too. Also not good.

  2. I remember the commercials for Brim, but it was before I became a coffee drinker. I haven’t seen Sunrise here, but then again, I usually don’t get canned coffee. Great blog you’ve got here!

  3. I forgot about brim and sunrise.
    I have a coffee related site
    too,stop by for a visit.

  4. I remember Brim, too, but I can’t recall when they stopped selling it.

  5. I’m not a coffee drinker, and hadn’t noticed that they stopped selling Brim. I remember the commercials for it though.

  6. emsxiety says:

    Was the jingle, fill it to the rim with Brim?

  7. Welcome to all the first time commenters! Good to have you join us and hope to hear from you again soon.

    “Fill it to the rim with Brim” indeed found its way into our lives from Brim coffee advertising.

    I believe Sunrise coffee no longer graces store shelves either. We don’t do decaf or instant coffee and rarely do we have canned coffee in the house, so the current contents of the coffee aisle remain a mystery.

  8. OMG- Brim… I also enjoy my bocajava bloggers blends- waiting on my next shipment now! your blog is always fun to read- since I’ve grown up with cookbooks & still am a cookbook fiend…

  9. Thanks! I am glad you enjoy reading it. I enjoy doing it. It gives me good justification for keeping all these cookbooks, particularly since I rarely cook. (shhh…I probably shouldn’t admit that on a food blog)

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