Scrambled Eggs

From the Modern Family Cookbook

Break 6 eggs into mixing bowl. Add 6 tablespoons milk or thin cream and 1 teaspoon salt with pepper to taste. Beat eggs just enough to break up yolks and whites; this may be done with a fork for slight beating or with an egg beater if more beating is preferred. Or eggs may be left unbeaten. Have 3 tablespoons butter melted in skillet over low heat. Pour egg mixture into skillet and cook slowly without stirring until whites just begin to coagulate at bottom and sides of pan. Then start to lift up the mixture with a spatula, looosening sides and scrapoing bottom of pan so liquid portion can flow down; continue lifting and scraping gently until eggs are done to firmness desired. Leftover egg whites or yolks may be substited for one or two of the whole eggs. Serve immediately. 5 servings.

My notes: 3 tablespoons butter for 6 eggs? YIKES! A teaspoon of salt seems like a lot for 6 eggs to me as well. 5 servings with 6 eggs however definitely seems like the way to go as opposed to when you order scrambled eggs out these days and get 3 or so. (and admit it, at home you fix two for each person)

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