California Onion Dip

Lipton Onion Soup DipAccording to this page, the Lipton Onion Soup favorite, California Onion Dip, jumped into dip bowls in 1954. There it reigned for many a year. Recently though, YOU NEVER SEE IT ANYWHERE. Onion dip seems to be out. Sure, you can get spinach in bread bowl dip still at many a party, but California Onion Dip has gone underground.

What happened? Dips declined in popularity for a while, yes. Too many people saw double-dippers and the like. They also perhaps became prey to the “it will spill all over your clothes” or “whoa! Did you see the fat and sodium in that?” Dips have come back. Now they seem to be oil or soy based, but just as drippy.

Be proud of your retro roots. Serve onion dip. (preferably with some nice full fat ruffled chips, not wavy)

1 envelope Lipton ® Recipe Secrets ® Onion Soup Mix

1 container (16 oz.) sour cream

Mix. Chill. Chomp.


  1. I don’t like onion dip. I don’t know why. But it’s better than the only retro frood appetizer I could think of – which is those stupid little smokies sausage thingies that Prince J loves so much.

  2. I think onion dip died out among the people I know as salsa got more and more popular. I personally prefer it as a veggie dip because I don’t really eat potato chips anymore. Which is weird because I used to eat them almost every day.

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