Eggs Benedict with Holiday Sauce

Eggs Benedict holds the place in my family as being the favorite part of Easter. Yes, really…even though one key member of the family won’t even try it. My father also was reluctant to try it back when newlywed with a strange southern wife in the kitchen. He tried it and liked it, thereby leaving us where we are today: the big deal meal in our house on Christmas and Easter is Eggs Benedict.

One of my children chooses to eat hers without the poached eggs at all. I poach my eggs hard, but the rest of the family go with normally poached eggs. If you hard-boil the eggs, chop up the canadian bacon, and stir together with the sauce, you can throw it in the crock-pot and use it for a brunch buffet, with toast points on the side.

Disclosure: the sauce in no way resembles “normal” hollandaise sauce. My mother calls it a “mock” hollandaise when describing to friends, but I always thought she said holiday sauce when she would instruct me to get things out of the fridge for her or to stir it. Eggs Benedict = Holiday breakfast, so holiday sauce must go on it.

Here goes:

Holiday Sauce

2 8 oz packages cream cheese

2 cups milk (whole milk works best, but any will work)

1 egg

1 lemon

Chop cream cheese up. Place milk and cream cheese in pot over medium heat stirring occassionally until cream cheese is melted. Wisk in egg. Once sauce thickens, add the juice of one lemon.

Split english muffins, spread with margarine, top with canadian bacon. Warm in oven while poaching eggs.

Top each english muffin/canadian bacon combo with a poached egg. Spoon sauce on top.

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