Retro-Food of the Week: Eggs!

Easter EggsIt is National Egg Salad Week! Woo Hoo! That couldn’t be because last week was week of boiling eggs for Passover and Easter could it?

Eggs have hopped their way into being the retro-food of the week as well.

I love eggs. I hate eggs. huh? Let me explain: I love eggs when they are cooked to whatever I perceive as egg perfection. I hate them when they are not. This caused me to avoid omelettes for years and years, though omelets (ha you like that, I spelled it both ways in one sentence, ON PURPOSE!) in theory are everything good in the non-sweet world. I also tend to be sensitive to egg smell, so again it can be a chancy thing to feed me eggs. Let me prepare eggs, this makes me happy.

I will have a plethora of eggy goodness this week…from eggs benedict to caviar pie…to at least one fab picture of an egg gelatin mold. I know you want one! Egg gelatin molds form the basis of retro-food fantasies.

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